UI /UX Design

Course Duration: 770h

Topics for this course

Introduction to User Experience Design
What is User Experience Design? What is the difference to User Interface Design? An introduction to the areas of study categorized under the umbrella of “user experience”. When you work with user experience, it’s crucial to have a good understanding of what those areas are so that you know what tools are available to you. For example: UX Writing, Research, Visual Design, etc. You need to know examples of good and bad design to avoid common mistakes. In addition to that you learn the importance of usability over aesthetics.

Design methodologies and UX Research
Design methodologies as Design Thinking and Design Sprint. What’s Atomic Design? UX Research: understanding users, their needs and con- text.

User Persona. Benchmarking and competence
How to create a user persona. How to benchmark and analyse the competition to stand out from them. How to detect pain points when using a product or service.

User Interviews
How to get feedback from users to learn their perceptions of your design. How to set goals and questions.

Information Architecture
What is Information Architecture? How to structure a Sitemap. How to group, prioritise and label content.

User Flows
What are user flows?

Design patterns
Discovering interaction and navigation patterns. Trends.

Prototyping instances: sketches, wireframes and high fidelity. Types of interfaces. Introduction to digital prototypes in Figma or Adobe XD. Functional prototype in Figma and Adobe XD.

Usability Tests
Plan, conduct and analyze an usability test. Remote testing steps and scope. Observing and taking notes. Reviewing findings.

Heuristic evaluation
Which are the 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design with examples.

Creative ideation
Tools to come up with ideas. Create moodboards. Define style guides. Where to find inspiration.

User Interface Design
Design systems examples. Use of microinteractions. Mobile first as the ultimate standart. Responsiveness for different screens. Grids and layout. How to sharpen your eye for design. Visual design. Accessibility: making the user experience accessible and equivalent while respecting the physical limitations of potential users

Redesign a website
Let’s put in practice the previous concepts and through guided exercises you will learn how to redesign a website and improve its status.

How to create a portfolio
Compilation of the whole process and creation of a case. Website tools tips

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