Intercultural founder coaching

Course Duration: 120h

Intercultural Founder coaching

Are you a founder who wants to start an own business,
but don’t know how?
We help people like you who have the courage to change their lives and create something new. We help
them find their way through cross-cultural challenges and give them tools for success. Our coaching is based
on our own experience as founders and entrepreneurs living abroad – we know what it takes!
You can be successful in your venture with us by getting personalized support from experienced professionals.
Let us guide you through all of the steps necessary for starting up your company, including legal issues,
finance, marketing strategies, etc.
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About the coaching
You will receive personalized advice on which legal form
is best for your business; what insurance you need; where to find financing options; how to apply for
subsidies, etc. Our team consists of experienced consultants who are
fluent in English and understand the cultural differences between different countries very well.

Topics for this course

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