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Digital marketing

Digitales Marketing

About the course

Learn digital marketing strategy and implement it in their own business with professional industry experts from the digital industry.
Get to know key online marketing tactics, channels, tools and materials, as well as how to develop and put into practice online marketing strategies that fit their business.

What will I learn?

  • There are different online marketing measures, depending on the type and nature of products and services, target groups and business goals. Therefore, it is important to know which online marketing tactics, channels, tools and materials exist and which ones best fit specific business goals.
  • In this course you will get an introduction to digital marketing and learn about important online marketing tactics, channels, tools and materials and their use in B2B and B2C areas. In addition, you will define your own online marketing strategy based on an example.

Target audience

  • The training is suitable for professionals and HR managers who want to understand and implement digital transformation and digital marketing in their companies. Furthermore the course is suitable for:
  • Qualification seekers and employees who want to expand their digital skills and knowledge
  • People seeking training and qualifications and employees who want to adapt their existing knowledge to technical and digital developments
  • People who are threatened by unemployment or are unemployed
  • Start-up entrepreneurs

Topics for this course



  • Funding ability
  • Bildungsgutschein (education voucher)
  • Interest in digital marketing

Material includes

  • Workbook

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